The exterior

The restoration of the house’s exterior was an evolutionary process. We should have known we were in for a ride when we ended up buying the house on April Fool’s Day in 1996. From then until the spring of 2014, the roof has been replaced, a full basement was excavated, the exterior has been painted three times, and the three chimneys were completely removed down to their bases. The exterior portions of the chimneys were rebuilt by counting the bricks in the enlarged 1909 real-photo postcard of Dave and Dora now hanging above the home’s fireplace mantle. We tore off a sleeping porch that had been added sometime after 1909 since it had caused the Butler’s Pantry and the Dining Room Porch beneath it to sink (which necessitated rebuilding that part of the house). The three colored-glass attic windows were mostly broken out and were being used by the squirrels for easy access, but we re-created the colors from the chips of glass left in the frames and found on the ground. All of the double-hung windows have been replaced, with the originals now in storage. And since the original wraparound porch had almost completely failed by 1996, the only parts of if that we were able to salvage were the Eastlake posts. The house sat without a porch for 12 years, but when we put it back on, the photo of Dave and Dora allowed us to rebuild the original look of the wood work and railing of the porch, as well as the king post and lattice work in the eaves. We have yet to install the finials above the lattice work, and cresting on the roof line is an upcoming project.