Dining room

The burnished orange color of the walls and the dark, glowing wainscot make the Dining Room the most intimate room in the house – notwithstanding there are seven doors leading in and out of it!: one to the Fireplace Parlor, and others to the Butler’s Pantry, the Dining Room Porch, the Kitchen, the Back Stairs, the former steps to the basement (now the sound closet), and the Main Floor Bathroom. The twisted legs of the teak table are set upon eagle’s claws, and some of arms of the chairs end with the head of a dragon – and you can slide your little finger from side to side in its mouth. The light fixture in the Dining Room, as well as those in each of the three parlors, have been refurbished to their former glow and feature their original glass shades with a “Greek Key” design. Hanging on the walls is a calendar from the now-defunct Red Cloud Mills, and an old railroad map of Nebraska where you can see how they named the towns in alphabetical order along the Platte River Valley. You can enjoy your morning coffee on the small Dining Room porch with is outfitted with two Paris bistro chairs and a marble-topped table.