The kitchen

Per square foot, the Kitchen takes the prize for excessive use of financial resources – but it is beautiful. The Kitchen and the Main Floor Bathroom were added on to the original house, probably before the turn of the 20th century. The Kitchen has three windows and two doors, with three exterior walls – which makes the heated floor all the more welcome on a chilly Nebraska morning. The outside border of the tile floor mimics the “Greek Key” design found in the original glass shades to the main floor light fixtures, and the “Snowflake” tile pattern was a popular one in the Victorian era. The cabinetry is a copy of that used in an $8 million house in Greenwich, Connecticut, with LED lights above the counters and in the upper display cabinets. The glass in the cabinets is from some of the original windows in the house that were broken – the rest of which are in storage. The built-in Sub Zero refrigerator, the farmer’s sink and the island are all enhanced by the black quartzite countertops.